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Histopathology is the examination of biological tissues in order to observe the appearance of diseased cells in microscopic detail. Histopathology typically involves a biopsy, which is a procedure involving taking a small sample of tissue, usually undertaken by a pathologist, who are experts in diagnoses of diseases. Histology slides must
Mark Fenn, Director at Bright Instruments, has 38 years’ experience as an expert in the mechanical engineering field. His extensive time in the industry has seen him fulfil many exciting roles, including within General Motors and Bombardier, which have been pivotal to his experience in product development. Mark joined Bright
Pathology/histology couple highly trained professionals with cutting-edge equipment that requires advanced training, an eye for detail and a steady hand. Which make and model of equipment is used depends on a mixture of operator preference and the nature of the task, for example if a frozen section is required, a
5040 rotary microtome side image
Microtomes are tools used to ‘section’ a range of different materials. ‘Sectioning’ in this usage means to cut materials into very thin slices, which are subsequently examined under a microscope. But when was the humble microtome invented, and by whom? The invention of the microtome is difficult to pinpoint exactly