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Custom-made large brain-slicing macrotome

Features of the custom-made brain slicing macrotome:

  • Touch screen Control.
  • Waste collection tray.
  • Heated anti-fog window.
  • Can cut a large range of specimen sizes up to 400 x 220 x 300mm.
  • Chamber can be cooled down to temperatures of -35
  • Customisable Zonal speed control for quicker sectioning.
  • Solid steel/Tungsten knife & disposable blade options available.
  • Knee switch (optional).
  • Easy to clean.
  • Ample cold storage.
  • 3-5 year warranty (optional)
  • Frame work for fitting camera
  • Debris blind

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Bright instruments have been specialising in the development and production of cryostats for over 50 years.

The Bright Instruments custom-made large brain-slicing macrotome has been developed for applications when normal cryostats are not large or powerful enough to slice a whole human brain. The control panel is the central point of control for the unit, allowing the user to easily customise settings such as temperature, thickness, batch quantities and switch between single and continuous cutting modes. This machine is extremely versatile and can be used in sectors such as:

• Medical • Histology • Research • Life Science • Automotive • Forestry • Material Analysis


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