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8250 large body floorstanding cryostat

Features of the 8250 Large Body Floorstanding Cryostat

  • Incorporates the 8000 sledge microtome with electro-linear drive
  • Will section specimens up to 250mm long
  • Dual refrigeration system to give fast cool-down times
  • Used for autoradiography
  • Automated cutting sequence
  • Electro-linear drive produces high cutting forces




The use of cryostat microtomes to prepare frozen sections for microscopy is widely known, and the Bright Instrument Company has been specialising in this field for years, but for some applications these cryostats are simply not large enough or powerful enough. It is for these cases that the 8250 has been developed.

The most usual application is in whole body autoradiography (WBA) which is used to trace radio-labelled drugs or other compounds in the frozen bodies of test animals.

There are many other uses of this large cryostat including the fields of anatomy training and outside the biological field for use by material scientists to cut objects as diverse as electrical insulation, timber and plastic automobile chassis joints.

This cryomacrotome for whole-body sectioning is particularly useful in detailed anatomical and morphological analysis.

The 8250 heavy-duty microtome is designed specifically for whole-body, large-area sectioning.

Sections of varying thicknesses can be sliced with the 8250 heavy-duty microtome.

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