Fast and efficient microtome knife sharpening services, courtesy of Bright Instruments Ltd.

Most types of knives can be resharpened using our automatic machinery located in our factory, and, where necessary, regrinding can also be carried out.

A completed decontamination certificate and an official purchase order must accompany all knives. Appropriate knife boxes must be used. If a knife is received in an unsuitable container, a box will be supplied and charged to the customer [see prices below].

Customers will be advised if the knife is too badly damaged or worn for economical re-sharpening. Re-sharpened knives are normally dispatched within one week of receipt. Please allow approximately £10.00 for return postage and packing within the UK. Please refer to our factory for postage and packing costs for knives coming in from abroad.

Knife length/typeResharpenRegrind and ResharpenRebonding
Up to 190mm
200mm to 300mm
Tungsten Carbide Tipped

Exchange Sharpening Service
Knife Length / TypePrice
PMV type 35º microtome knife – 160mm x 46mm £115.00

All prices exclude VAT & delivery.