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New Instruments

Do new instruments come with a warranty?

Yes! All new instruments purchased through Bright Instruments come with a 1 year warranty as standard. Anything outside of this time period can be covered by one of our competitive service packages. Otherwise, we are always happy to help if you give us a call.

How long does it take to assemble a cryostat, microtome or laboratory freezer?

Usually we communicate that you can expect a wait of around 6-8 weeks from time of order, to your new instrument being dispatched to you. We make to order due to the complex and differing specifications our customers request. Also, as we manufacture right here in the UK, we like to make sure everything is completed, by hand, to the standard our customers have come to expect over the years.

Do you ship internationally?

We have distributors around the world, and the list of them is ever-growing, so in a nutshell; yes! Please do contact us to find out if there’s a distributor in your country, or view our handy map on the ‘Become a Distributor’ section of our site.

Do you manufacture bespoke builds?

We most certainly do. We have worked with a number of clients around the globe to manufacture completely bespoke machines, from an designed completely from scratch for research purposes, to simple adjustments and changes on existing models. Do ask us and we will see what we can do to help.


What is histopathology?

Histopathology is the examination of biological tissues in order to observe the appearance of diseased cells in microscopic detail. Histopathology typically involves a biopsy, which is a procedure involving taking a small sample of tissue, usually undertaken by a pathologist, who are experts in diagnoses of diseases.

What is a cryostat?

Cryostat definitions can vary, but we tend to go for describing cryostats as cold chambers in which frozen tissue is divided with a microtome. There are lots of different types of cryostats, such as regular floorstanding cryostats, large floorstanding croystats and even small, portable cryostats!